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Paint Chip Inspiration

paint chip inspiration 1 30 2014

This past Thursday, I volunteered in Offspring3’s high school guidance office all day (students coming through to visit counselors for next year’s course selection). I brought Offspring3 home, gulped a Diet Coke, and headed off to Lowe’s to buy 2 new snow shovels. We always have 2 snow shovels, but never buy them the same year…one will wear out, it will get replaced. This is the first time ever both shovels have crashed & burned at the same time. At this point, they are predicting snow for Monday. I need new shovels!

Snow shovels are currently stacked by the entrance of Lowe’s; I found the exact kind I wanted (Although, I would love to talk to a snow shovel manufacturer about tweaking the design just a tiny bit – for my small hands! And, maybe can we talk about some sort of mini heater in the handle, perhaps powered by a watch/button battery? Or a way to insert a skiing handwarmer into the tube/shaft? I lose the feeling in my fingertips.). Headed to the self checkout…and what did I pass???

The paint chip display. Oh, my!

I am tired of cold, tired of my dirty minivan (covered in weather related road chemicals…but too cold to wash it!), tired of gray. So, I picked only bright colors.

What colors do you gravitate towards in the paint chip aisle?

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