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Life is STILL a Little Messy…


We arrived back home Saturday afternoon (had been with the in-laws since Wednesday morning).  HOME.

Mother-in-law’s surgery went well. It was still outpatient, but we fought and won immediate in home rehab care (nurse, OT, PT visits). The nurse came to evaluate her before we headed home. Rehab will be tough because she lost so much sitting in a recliner for 3 weeks waiting for surgery.

No opportunities for paper crafting while I was away, but I did snap a few photos (thank goodness for some sort of creativity, right??!).

As always, click on any photo to enlarge.

eastbound sunrise

eastbound foggy sunrise

sunset from the in-laws’ house

beautiful day after Hurricane Dorian passed by

such a pretty day!

westbound towards home

I am going to try to find my MOJO while working on paperwork for the in-laws this week. And we have a day trip scheduled for Friday for a followup surgeon’s appointment.

Keep your fingers crossed that my MOJO is just excited to see me home!

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