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Life Gets a Little Messy…


No crafting this week – the in-laws are experiencing medical issues, and I spent part of my week caring for them (hubby has been there all week).

My parents are 82 and 85 (they live only 5 miles away). The in-laws are 85 and 90 (120 miles away). Both sets have been able to live independently. We know how incredibly lucky that makes us.

Aging is not always pretty. Talk to someone in your life about helping to advocate for you in medical emergencies. Someone who is not afraid to ask questions, who is not afraid to ask for alternative options that will get you the care you need. (Sorry medical community, I am not convinced outpatient surgery for a severe injury in an elderly person with is the best option (depends on the individual, depends on the home they will have to navigate when you release them). A day or two or three of immediate occupational therapy and physical therapy in the hospital or a rehab facility can go a long way. Home care that takes 10 days to set up wastes 10 days!) I do understand that it is a care vs. germ balance that the medical system is aiming for.

SO…I am hoping to get a little crafting in over the weekend (art therapy!!), hoping to have something to post next week. I will be going back to the in-laws to help with pre-op appointments and to be there for the surgery.

Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Life Gets a Little Messy…

  1. Having someone to speak for you can be so important. Your parents are lucky.

    • I am not afraid to speak up or ask! You should have seen my brother in law on Tuesday – “what is she doing?” My husband knows to get not interrupt me talking to a medical professional!