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Vacation Reset


We got back from our week of beach vacation on Saturday.

Here are some of my statistics:

Loads of laundry upon returning home:  13

Books read:  3

Jigsaw puzzle completed:  1 (1,000 piece, with Offspring3)

Naps on the beach:  4 (?)

Soft crab sandwiches:  1

Crab cake platters:  1

Dairy Queen visits:  0

Candy Kitchen visits:  1

Morning walks:  4

Evening walks:  2

Mosquito bites:  87 billion (low estimate!)

I am still trying to shake the end of a summer cold that began before vacation, and have not gotten any of my craft supplies out yet.

4 thoughts on “Vacation Reset

  1. Other than only 1 soft shell sandwich sounds like a great vacation. Sorry you get stuck with all the laundry.

    • Thanks, Terry! At least we have machines to actually do the laundry, All I have to do is add detergent and move the items through the process.

  2. Aw 13 loads of laundry!! Sounds like a fab holiday apart from the mosquito bites, hope the cold is easing off now. xx