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8 thoughts on “Seriously Missing MOJO…

  1. Are you busy doing other things or just blah? Maybe time of year?

    • Thanks for the comment, Terry! I am a bit blah, a bit busy (not 24/7 by any means!) keeping an eye on my parents as Mom heals from her August fall (fractured humerus).

  2. I know it sucks when that happens. I went through months of it when my mom passed away last year. What helped me was to do some new crafts, I started sewing and quilting and gradually my card making spirit came back. Sometimes you just gotta take a breath and do something else for a bit to recharge. I hope you are able to do something just for you today and that your mojo comes back soon! (sometimes watching craft videos helps me!) Hugs!

  3. So itโ€™s not just me. I have a million things to do and no motivation to do them. Maybe once it gets cool and crisp mojo will return.

  4. We are October girls. Think beautiful fall colors, and cool crisp days. Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚