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I Have Been Nominated for The Liebster Award 2018

Old Ellicott City, July 29, 2018 (click to enlarge)


Mike Hartley, of Threw Mikes Eyez , nominated me for the Liebster Award 2018. With some very kind words.

Mike and I live in the same county, and we “met” through our blogs.

Here is the list of questions that Mike asked me to answer:

  1. Do you look for the positive in people?
  2. Do you love your family and friends?
  3. Do you ask yourself how can you help someone less fortunate and do it?
  4. Do you forgive those who may do something wrong and help them move on?
  5. Do you vote?
  6. Do you love animals?
  7. Do you easily pass on and share your knowledge/experience with others?
  8. Do you drive responsibly?
  9. Do you tell the truth?
  10. Do you treat people equally?
  11. Do you know the meaning of life? If so, get back to me please, I want to see if it jives with my thoughts.

I printed the questions and have had them on my craft table for 3 days. They are very introspective questions, don’t you think?

Obviously, the goal for questions 1 – 10 is the answer YES. (Other than #4, I was born a scorekeeper (just the way my brain works)…I am working on it!)

And, NO, I don’t know the meaning of life!

Thanks to Mike for the nomination AND the kind words. Please go check out his blog, Threw Mikes Eyes .

I decided that I wouldn’t officially enter the contest.

Happy Friday!


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