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Ellicott City Flood – May 27, 2018 – #ECStrong


A friend from college, Robin Holliday, owns an art gallery in Historic Ellicott City named HorseSpirt Arts Gallery. She sells my cards in the gallery.

The gallery was flooded by the July 2016 flood, a “once in a thousand years” event. Robin fought back hard, and had it reopened in 3 months.

Well, Historic Ellicott City flooded again this past weekend. WORSE than the 2016 flood. The water was 2 feet higher on the first floor of the gallery, things were ruined, floated away, or got buried in mud. (My cards sit by the front door – I am assuming they floated down the street to the Patapsco River, like last time.)


My heart goes out to the family of Eddison Hermond (who lost his life in the flood), to the residents, to the business owners, to the employees.

If anyone sees my mojo, send it home – I have a lot of cards to make.


2 thoughts on “Ellicott City Flood – May 27, 2018 – #ECStrong

  1. So sorry to see this post, sending my best wishes

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