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Finished Christmas Stocking



Here is the finished stocking  from Saturday’s work in progress post. (You can read it here – Work in Progress – Christmas Stocking .)

It is 17.5 inches tall.

I attached the sequins by embroidering a French Knot through the center of each disc. The name is embroidered in stem stitch.

I do think the 3 letter name looks a little lost on the white cuff, but other names in the collection have up to 8 letters. I wanted the letters to be the same size across the collection.

Have a great day! I am going back to the kitchen to bake more cookies!

7 thoughts on “Finished Christmas Stocking

  1. It turned out fabulously! I think you are right to keep the stitching the same size, to match the others. Do I see some little jingle bells or silver beads too?

    • Thank you, Gillian! There are 3 bells on the side of the cuff. All stockings need bells – you have to be able to hear Santa! 😉

      • Of course! Silly me! I guess that is why we always slept through and never saw him. No bells on our stockings.

      • I have to think about that…all of my family’s stockings (all at my house, ALL at my Mom’s house) were made by MOI, and I did the bells. I don’t think many are sold with bells in the stores.

      • No, and ours were all shop-bought. Made by hand is SO much better!

  2. This stocking is so pretty! I’ve made only one so far and started one more this year, but the start was too late to finish it before Christmas. Haven’t thought of adding jingle bells to it… Great idea!