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Work in Progress – Christmas Stocking


christmas-stocking-in-progress(click on photo to enlarge)

Happy Saturday morning to you!

We are experiencing sleet, freezing rain, and some snow this morning.

I am hunkered down in the basement, working on a new Christmas stocking. (Hence, the yellow tinge on the photo – basement lighting PLUS yellow walls!)

Stay warm!

6 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Christmas Stocking

  1. the weather here is pretty grim too. All grey sky and drizzly rain. Yeuch! But hey! a cheery stocking to brighten it up! I didn’t realise you sewed too. I really like the fabric you have chosen. Hope you get finished before Santa is due!

    • Thanks, Gillian! I finished the stocking Saturday afternoon (the only thing I was tasked with doing on Saturday…and I will admit, I did almost 100% of the work still in my pajamas!).

      Sewing – yes. I don’t do it often, and most of what I do these days is out of my own head. I made the pattern for the stocking years ago.

      • PJs are the best garments to craft in. Just tricky if you are answering the door at 3 in the afternoon.

      • YES! One day this past week, Offspring2 was leaving for school (oblivious), and delivery person on the porch. Instead of Offspring2 taking the packages, handing to me, he walked past the delivery person, there I am, toothbrush in mouth, blue jeans & camisole, juggling boxes & trying to say “thank you” through toothpaste!

      • Funny!! You probably made his day!! Delivery crew have to possess many skills. Let’s hope speaking ‘toothpaste English’ is one of them!