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Trash to Treasure Gift Tag



This bright garland arrived here in a Victoria’s Secret mailing. I cut one section off, backed it with white (and “to/from”), and cut around the snowflake.

Doesn’t it make a great tag?

The Christmas tree got put up and decorated over the weekend (check that off the list!). This week, I need to make a new Christmas stocking and work on the annual wall calendar. And finish shopping. Next week will be baking & wrapping.

Have you received any holiday cards in the mail? We get fewer every year. We have received one card so far (from the Heating & Air Conditioning company!).

Supplies: Neenah Classic Crest Solar White (you can’t see this!), Victoria’s Secret paper garland, metallic cord – PaperMart.

7 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Gift Tag

  1. It does make a great tag, yes! Cards are in short supply here too, and friends have said the same thing. Not sure if people are just sending them less or whether, like me, they just haven’t got around to posting them yet. I guess time will tell!

    • I really didn’t mean to sound impatient (re-reading, I do!). I realize it is not even December 15th yet. But in the past, I have had several cards already here with the business card. Postage and cards just may be something people are not spending money on…much easier/cheaper to post the family photo on Facebook. BUT I LOVE PAPER CARDS! 😉

  2. Cute tag. We’ve received 3 cards. One was the week after Thanksgiving! Bill’s sister is always early.