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Godspeed, John Glenn…



John Glenn passed away Thursday at the age of 95. What an American Hero!

Bought this ornament for Offspring1 in 1997, the 35th anniversary of John Glenn’s 1962 orbit around the earth.  I got the ornament because the space program was so fascinating in the 1960’s (when I grew up), and I wanted Offspring1 to know about the original astronauts. The next year, 1998,  John Glenn actually went back into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-95) – a new generation got hooked by the hero in space.


The ornament is the first to get hung on the tree, in prime, reachable territory, and the last ornament to come off the tree.  The recording of his words, “Roger. Zero G, and I feel fine. The capsule is turning around. Oh, the view is tremendous.”, plays at the touch of a button on the ornament (or a flick of the wall switch controlling the tree lights).

Godspeed, John Glenn. You were truly made of “The Right Stuff”.


7 thoughts on “Godspeed, John Glenn…

  1. Nice post Kathy. CBS News did a nice tribute to him. You reminded me that I miss having the kids put the ornaments on after I had gotten the tree up and lights on it. I’m going to have to see if they remember what one they used to choose first when they come to visit on Christmas. I know they would sit there and look through for their favorites.

    • I know, the memories of the kids putting the ornaments on the tree is so precious to me. John Glenn was first, then a broken Matchbox type (larger) red Mercedes convertible (that Offspring2 insisted was an ornament!) had to be hung. I still have 2 of 3 offspring living at home, and they will still help with the tree. I am taking a deep breath – I am sure this is the last year for John Glenn to be on my tree. (Offspring1 has already moved out, but not doing a tree this year.)

  2. I didn’t hear this news. The space programmes were such an amazing part of our history. Something really changed, then ,I think. A pioneer , for sure.

    • It was big news for us. True American Hero. He served his country in many ways, his wife overcame a huge obstacle (85% stuttering), she is still alive, they were married 73 years. I remember my mother getting us out of bed at all hours in the 1960’s & early 1970’s to watch any space launch, landing or walk.