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Stacking Dolls Encouragement Card



Recently, I stumbled onto a crafting blog called The Cobweborium Emporium . Just a few days ago, Cobs posted a coaster makeover project with a hand painted Russian doll image. (You can find it here – Cobs’ Babushka Cup Mat Makeover )

I commented that I thought her project was lovely (paraphrase!), and that we had a small collection of Russian dolls.

I got thinking…I have a clear stamp set of Russian dolls. I bought this Hero Arts stacking dolls set years ago (the date on the label is 2009). Trying to use it, I never got past the large doll having lines on her apron. I own no stacking dolls with lines on their aprons! So, today, I pulled out the smaller dolls, and my new pack of masking paper, and got going with this card.

Here is the large doll. I am thinking about trying to cut the lines out of the apron with an Exacto knife. Not sure if I will be successful, or merely injure myself AND the stamp. If I do it, I am going to try to cut out the individual lines, not the entire apron, to try to preserve the shape of the stamp (if I cut out the entire apron, the bottom will stretch every time I remove it from a clear block, and I will wind up with a wonky image). If you have any suggestions about what else to do with that lined apron, let me know!


And here is a photo of our small collection of stacking dolls in their curio home, collected while we lived in Europe.

stacking-dolls-in-curio(click on any photo to enlarge)

Supplies: Stamps – Hero Arts, paper – Neenah Classic Crest Solar White, Papertrey Ink Kraft, Stampin’ Up! Bermuda Bay, inks – Copic B02, Bg15, E19, E21, E23, E53, R02, R11, R29, Y18, VersaFine Onyx Black, dies – Spellbinders, embossing powder – Filigree Fine Art Powder clear, twine – MarkerPop.

12 thoughts on “Stacking Dolls Encouragement Card

  1. Hello ‘Paper and Ink’.
    Firstly … thank you for the link to my blog post. That is so very kind of you.

    Your card is really pretty, and I love the Russian Dolls stamp which you used. I may have to go in search of that one for myself!

    With regard to the stamp of the doll with the lines on her apron … instead of cutting out her lines and possibly ruining the stamp or yourself (lol … I know that feeling!) Why don’t you, instead, mask off the lines using either some lo-tack tape or washi tape, or – my personal favourite for masking off part of a stamp … Use a post it note!

    I’m sorry if I’m now going to tell you something you already know, but I’ll kind of tell you how I do this, so that, in case you don’t already know, you’ll have the information you need to do it without asking!

    Put down a scrap bit of paper which you can use to stamp on.

    Take either one (or more if you want to cut a few masks out all at once) and place it (them) on the scrap paper. Ink up your stamp as you would normally do. Then stamp your image BUT … ensure that you place your image down so that the sticky part of the post it note is (in this case) just above that top line … so that the top line is stamped onto the post it note, but the frilly part of her shawl is stamped over the top of the post it note, onto that scrap paper underneath the post it note.

    Then .. cut out (from the post it note) the part of the stamped image which you don’t want to appear on your next stamped image. Making sure that you don’t cut too close to the lines so that you slip and miss cut.

    Put that cut out of the apron (the lines) onto your clean, dry stamp…. in the place that the lines appear. (the sticky part of the back of the post it note will stick it to the stamp).

    Then pick up your stamp and pick up your chosen stamp pad and tap the ink pad onto the stamp. Don’t worry about getting ink on the post it note, just be careful to not pull the post it note off the stamp. It doesn’t matter how much messy ink you make on the post it note, what’s important is that you’re not getting any in on those lines.

    Then, once you’re happy that the stamp is inked up as you want it to be … REMOVE THE POST IT NOTE AND SET IT TO ONE SIDE … AND … STAMP YOUR IMAGE.

    Voila! Stamped doll with no lines!

    Try this method out on scrap card a couple of times so that you get used to how you need to place the post it note, and once you’re confident you’re good to go!

    I hope this helps.

    ALSO .. don’t cut the lines out because then you’ll only have a ‘one use’ stamp. With the lines still there you have a two uses stamp. It would make a wonderful journalling tag, or a gift tag, or a tag for a card which you could print a greeting onto. (and even better, you have the lines there to ensure you stamp in a straight line!). WIN/WIN situation!

    Thank you again for giving your readers a link to my blog. I think I should perhaps do a post about masking off because I didn’t realise how many people didn’t know this trick until about a week ago when a couple of other people asked about it. So thank you also for bringing this back to my mind. I’ll do a post and then everyone will be able to find it in one place!

    Hope you get on alright with the instructions. Have fun! ~ Cobs. x

    • Hello, Cobs! Thank you for the masking suggestions. The “mask the stamp” suggestion – there is virtually no space between the apron lines & the apron outline on the stamp (I don’t know how I am going to get an Exacto knife in between if I decide to cut the lines out!), I doubt I would be successful placing the mask exactly right. I honestly never tried, figuring I would be unsuccessful from the get go. Maybe that will be my weekend assignment.

      I do think if I invest in a MISTI, there would be a way to successfully mask and stamp.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I do enjoy our online “conversations”!


      • Have a go with the masking Kathy… you’ll lose nothing by trying. BELIEVE in yourself. You’re far better than you obviously think you are. Go on… try it. Nothing to lose!
        Squidges from my corner to yours ~ Cobs. x

      • You are right…nothing to lose, a little frustration to battle, and it may work easier than I anticipate. 😉

      • I’m going to do a post, with piccies, all about masking within the next week, so you can see how easy it is. Once you start you won’t want to stop. LOL
        crafty hugs ❤ Cobs. x

      • Thanks, Cobs! I have masked (multiple ways) before, just never with such a narrow space for error. I will try washi tape first, then with a post it note.

      • Ahhh! aw sorry Kathy, I’m trying to teach my Grandma to suck eggs (as the saying goes). I didn’t realise that you’d done all this before. I shall shut up. LOL.

      • No, no, really, I do so appreciate the help! I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees, you know? I had it in my head that a paper mask would not work for me, never even thought to grab the washi tape in front of my eyes!

  2. Super card – love that bright aqua contrasting with the other colours. I see your stamp dilemma and reply to Cobs. Can you cut out the apron bit after stamping and then paper piece? You might have to sacrifice the detail on the shawl but it might work?

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