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Devastating Flash Flood in Historic Ellicott City


Saturday night, a thunderstorm seemed to stall over Historic Ellicott City, and by weather statistics reported Sunday, dumped 6 – 8 inches of rain in about 2 hours.

We live about 4 miles outside of downtown Ellicott City, and on higher ground. We had no flooding here.

My friend, Robin Holliday, owns HorseSpirit Arts Gallery on Main Street. My heart goes out to her and her husband, Max, as they wait patiently for the area to reopen so they can begin cleanup and repairs to the gallery.

I just found this video that our local government filmed on Sunday, showing the damage. The video starts at the top of the hill, looking at the northern side of Main Street. At about the 1:30 mark, the view changes to the southern side of Main Street, where the rushing rain water (and I assume the Tiber River?) removed the sidewalk and part of the road. Once the cameraman reaches the bottom of the hill, he turns and walks back up looking at the northern side of Main Street. HorseSpirit Arts Gallery is shown at about 7:10 in the video.


Historic Ellicott City has always been a quirky, vibrant area. And it has come back from damaging floods before. I wish all the residents and business owners the best as they recover from this natural disaster. Stay safe.

Also, if you are interested in how the storm turned into a 1,000 year event for the town, here is a great article from The Washington Post:  This is How an “Off the Charts” Flood Ravaged Ellicott City .

6 thoughts on “Devastating Flash Flood in Historic Ellicott City

  1. Wow – had no idea that is where you are. I work for Bon Secours, who is very close to there but live in Virginia (also for Bon Secours) but come up to this area about 4 times per year. This is crazy.

  2. How awful. I watched the video – the damage seems to be enormous and devastating. It looks like such a pretty place too. All the best to everyone affected by it and I hope they can rebuild and recover soon, and be safe in the meantime. So glad you are ok! xx

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