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Organizing the Scrap Pile

So…for the past few years, I have had three cellophane bags (6 x 8 inches each) of scrap pieces on my craft table, and a hanging file folder of other scraps (mostly more seasonal things). After digging in the scrap pile to make a few cards, I was inspired by My Favorite Things’s blog week of organization tips ( 5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 ) to ORGANIZE the scraps.

organizing scraps sorting(click on any photo to enlarge)

I started by sorting the scraps into categories. Then, I slipped each category into an Avery Elle storage pocket (you can see 2 Avery Elle pockets in the top left of the above photo), and then all of the pockets into hanging folders in my cardstock bin. Maybe?

But wait! I have an old Stampin’ Up! 6 x 6 scrapbook I am not using. I moved all of the scraps out of the Avery Elle storage pockets and into 6 x 6 page protectors. Got out the Brother label maker, and labeled each page protector. Installed the page protectors into the 6 x 6 scrap book. Hmmmm…I thought they would fit better. This is not working!

organizing scraps scrapbook shot 1

organizing scraps scrapbook shot 2

SO…back into the Avery Elle storage pockets, and labeled those. I need to get another box of hanging folders next time I am in Staples, and then these can be housed in my cardstock bin.

organizing scraps avery elle pockets

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