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Aftermath of Winter Storm Jonas


driveway full of snow 01 24 2016

This was my view out of the garage door this morning. YIKES. I had some work to do!

The storm broke the storm snowfall record at BWI, they were claiming 29.2 inches. Our snow drifted. I don’t know an “official” number for my yard. LOTS OF SNOW.

We had a beautiful day for digging out, bright blue sky, sunshine, winds much less than originally forecast.

The driveway got done (and one of the neighbors helped a little with a snowblower – part of the plow wall at the bottom of the driveway), we even had time for photos.


shoveled driveway 01 24 2016


dug out house 01 24 2016

Trying to NOT think about how much my hands are going to ache tomorrow morning!


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