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Petal Pattern Encouragement Card


the prince and me petal coat inspired

While I was ironing Sunday morning, I had flipped the TV onto ABC Family channel and was watching “The Prince and Me” (not a great movie, about a Danish prince (not using his title) at an American college, and the young woman he falls in love with). Late in the movie, the young woman follows the prince to Denmark, and she winds up with some beautiful regal clothing. One of the pieces was a coat with a petal or leaf pattern in two shades of blue and two shades of brown. I looked for a photo to include here, but it was a very quick shot in a montage of “official duties”.

This is my take on the pattern of the coat. I was very happy that I was able to recreate it quickly.

Supplies: Stamps – Essentials by Ellen, Hampton Arts, paper – Papertrey Ink Vintage Cream, Stampin’ Up! Marina Mist, inks – Stampin’ Up! Chocolate Chip, Crumb Cake, Marina Mist, Soft Sky, VersaFine Vintage Sepia, dies – Spellbinders, embossing powder – Filigree Fine Art Powder clear, twine – Martha Stewart.

9 thoughts on “Petal Pattern Encouragement Card

  1. Such a blithely piece. This is definitely happy thoughts.

    Now let me tell you something that’s going freak you out. I have been working on an illustration for an indescribably beautiful tree. Not being an artist, needing it in a hurry for a future blog post, I have been trying to get it to an approximation on sketch pad with frustrating results.

    Then I look at your card and the first thing that pops out is, those are the leaves from the tree. Anyways, I want to assure you that I will not be using your design. I think I better leave the tree to the imagination of the few readers who visit the blog.

    But tell me is that weird or what?

    • Lekha – isn’t funny how that sometimes happens? I know exactly what you are talking about, sometimes we try too hard and we just need to let the tree flow through us.

  2. Kathy – But I find it weird. I am glad you find it funny. I still find the unfamiliar-mental-frequency-collusion experience very weird.

    I’ll try and see if the tree would flow through me. That’s a beautiful description. Maybe that’s what I should do, let the tree flow through the unhappy queen. Let me give it a shot. Maybe it will work.

    Thanks Kathy.

    • Lekha – I meant no disrespect by “funny”, perhaps “amusing” would have been a better word? Quite the coincidence. The stamp I used to create my card was a leaf. Let me know if that tree flows for you!

      • Kathy – Let me clarify. It was not a question of respect or disrespect. All I meant that it was a nice outlook to have and I admire that. I freak out at such anomalies, while you are so cool about these things.

        Ah, the leaf stamp. That’s why it looks authentic.

        Yes, the tree was beginning to flow, thanks to you. I went to work on it right after I sent you that mail.

        I work on sketchpad, and I am figuring out the software too. As far as I know, it suits me really well, but quite a capricious one, especially when I try to change. That’s what happened, today morning I should have saved and downloaded my work after a certain stage when the basics were done. But I did not and when I trying playing around to make it better, it got distorted.

        But thank you, it was what you wrote that gave me the idea. Still with the skill level of my hand, it may not turn out as great as it is in my head. But I’ll get a decent one and that would do for the blog.

        Do you paint? If so, I have a few stories that would make a good children’s book and if you can do the illustrations, we can go into the children’s book business.

        Ok I am just kidding about the last part. But I guess you get it.

      • I am sure your work will turn out beautiful! I have also forgotten to save in my excitement to tweak something just right…OOPS.
        I am a big believer in coincidences, anomalies, and serendipity. Fun to try to figure out why the universe aligned.
        Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I shall try again tomorrow. I should take a lesson from your outlook and view these oddities with more positive curiosity.

  4. I really like this design Kathy. It is just beautiful!

    • Thanks, Holly! I saw something for truly 2 seconds, had to get it onto paper…it just fell into place (long time since that has happened here!).