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In The Weeds


I am so far into the weeds, I can’t even see the sky.

silver leaf bedroom

Gray bedroom done…need to move furniture back in before Offspring1 gets back home this afternoon. The color is called “Silver Leaf”.

hhs 2014 programs

Folded 742 (of 3500) graduation programs at the high school yesterday. Between the painting & the folding, my hands are not happy with me!

Off to fold more programs this morning…then a visit to help my Mom (she had surgery Friday)…finally, off to college town to pick up Offspring1 and help Offspring2 load the belongings into the minivan for the ride home.


2 thoughts on “In The Weeds

  1. The bedroom looks great. I think trim is the hardest part. The Home Depot commercials don’t show that part, just the rolling on part. Hope you have a great summer with your brood home.

    • Thanks, Terry! Brood is home, tensions are already brewing (I remember the same when I would come home at the end of a semester…takes a few weeks to normalize again).