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Sour Cream Pound Cake

sour cream pound cake

Before Christmas, I made Sour Cream Pound Cake muffins (same recipe, just in muffin tins) specifically for my Dad (my Mom was on dietary restrictions, and she was not baking). Something went wrong in the baking process…I don’t know if I added my eggs too quickly (not enough mixing in between), or if my oven temperature was off. The muffins fell, and totally stuck in the Pam-sprayed tins. The broken pieces tasted fine, but were the wrong texture. No worries, we (including my Dad) ate as much of the batch as I could dig out of the muffin pans!

I’ve made the recipe in loaf pans twice since Christmas, with no problems. We ate (gobbled) the last of the second batch last night.

A family friend gave us the recipe years ago. This one from Taste of Home is almost the same: Taste of Home Sour Cream Pound Cake . (The recipe I use has 1/4 cup LESS sugar.)

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