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House Painting and Inspiration

finished closet

I finished painting the master bedroom closet yesterday, and I got the Closet Maid shelving back in last night. I plan to refill it today.

It has already been a busy morning here! I dropped Offspring3 off at a different high school to take the SAT. Filed corrections on the FAFSA forms for Offspring1 and Offspring2 (FAFSA is due by February 15, but I don’t normally get my taxes done that quickly, so I file corrections when I finish my taxes.)

paint chips and bhg inspire

I am hoping to find time for a card or two later today (have not made a card since Tuesday!)…my inspiration is the collection of paint chips Offspring3 collected while I was selecting paint at Lowe’s, and the cover of the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

Happy Saturday!

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