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Happy Saturday!


lowes turquoise aqua paint chip(paint chip image from Lowe’s website)

When I celebrated my one year blog anniversary, I said my goal would be to post five days a week (instead of all seven days). If you are paying attention, you know I have still been posting seven days a week. Type A girl hasn’t been able to let go!

This weekend, I am in the midst of repainting a bedroom (ceiling and walls are done, I need to do the trim and touch up my ceiling line). And I really need to get the taxes done.

I promise I will be back on Monday with a card project!


4 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!

  1. I think I would rather make a card.

  2. Actually I meant both. Problem is in my old house painting a wall requires MUCH preparation. The actual painting seems to pale in scale to the up front work required. Bill does the taxes so I get off easy there.