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I’ll take the (sugar) bullet for the team…

We had a birthday this week:

small cut cake J 2013

I have to say YUM, even if I did bake it myself. If I could sleep in the cake keeper with the cake, I would.

I used the Four Egg Cake recipe from The Joy of Cooking. This recipe from is identical – 4-Egg-Cake . The frosting is the recipe off of the Domino Confectioner’s Sugar box/bag. I substituted Crisco for butter, and added maybe 2/3 cup of cocoa and 2 or 3 extra tablespoons of milk to make it chocolate. The frosting recipe is here – Domino Sugar Buttercream Frosting .

Then Halloween, which I overestimated the amount of KitKats, Reese’s Cups and Hershey bars we would need. (And rain right at 7:00pm might have helped a little.) Sigh. I honestly did try to get it right.  😉 Darn.

Friday afternoon, Offspring2 and I were in Safeway for flu shots, and they announced that there was a SALE on a 50 count sugar cookie package. 99 cents, while supplies last. Um…gotta check that on the way out.

safeway cookies

The cookies were originally $9.99. They also had a $5 Friday sticker. And we walked into the $0.99 special. Offspring2, Offspring3 & I had a tasting as soon as we got home. Good enough…not home made sugar cookies, but good enough. Besides, the container is worth more than $1.00, I can use it to shuttle baked goodies to neighbors (and they return it when it is empty, to be used again).

I’ll be back tomorrow with a card (if I can manage to NOT get crumbs on it!).

Happy Saturday!

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