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Brezen Semmel


pretzel rolls

We spent three years in Southern Bavaria long ago and far away. I loved the Backerei, and not really even the sweets…the brezen – pretzels, and brezen semmel – pretzel rolls.

At Costco last spring, I found some Pretzel Slider Rolls that were pretty good. They got me thinking. I should be able to MAKE Brezen Semmel.

So, with the help of my buddy, Google, I found this recipe:

Bretzel Rolls Recipe from

This was the third time I baked them using this recipe. Definitely a keeper! Not difficult at all – I do it all by hand (I do not own a stand mixer or bread machine). This time, I made them smaller than the recipe describes. I am not using them for sandwiches, just for snacking, maybe as a dinner roll. I made 24 (the recipe makes 12 “sandwich size”).

4 thoughts on “Brezen Semmel

  1. Oh my! Your bakes are just so fantastic! Yummy! =D

  2. I can’t believe someone who bakes like you doesn’t have a stand mixer. Next birthday or xmas it is a must. I have no space in my kitchen so mine sits on the floor in the dining room! Really is an asset to have.

    • I have never had space for a stand mixer in my kitchen. (never thought of a corner in the dining room – LOL!) I love making bread with no electric appliances…I’m not sure I can explain WHY. It feels like an accomplishment, kneading is great for frustration.