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Meet my Card Basket

First, thanks for the comments on my post “Trio of Flower Cards”. I put the names of the four readers who commented into a hat (really a pint carryout container from our favorite Chinese restaurant), and Amber R. won the cards! I will e-mail you privately for your mailing address. Thanks for participating in my first giveaway!

I am a bit under the weather. I spent yesterday on the couch, not at my craft table. No creating whatsoever.

So, in the absence of a card or food post, I thought I would introduce you to my card basket. It is a Longaberger Medium Market Basket. I try to keep my card inventory above 100 cards. Since I have been trying to create every day for the blog, my inventory is above 130 cards, and the basket looks ready to burst. I take the basket with me when I go to volunteer at school, or when I go to a medical or dental appointment. The teachers, technicians and assistants do enjoy browsing.

Longaberger Medium Market Basket filled with cards

almost overflowing

card categories

card category dividers

card basket

ready for browsing

Have a nice Saturday!

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